A couple more components! A shiny ampersand I drew up then reworked in illustrator. The Chameleon piece was made using marbling ink and I just felt that the rustic and damaged effect of the card scanned in seem to fit with the theme.

This is a typeface I have been working on as part of my NMP for use in the branding aspect of it. When you dream, often things get mixed up and things don’t appear as they are meant to. So all of the letters here have been made out of other letters from a different typeface called Majoram!

Had an interesting talk from Andy from shape about self employment. The talk was an eye opener as to how little I actually knew about it, considering it may be an option for me in the future. He talked about the amount of enthusiasm he put in to get to where he is today. I learned a lot about how to communicate better, through networking and various other means like making sure your information is accessible. One are that remains grey in Graphic Design is how much to charge, nobody really has an answer so I guess the best way is to start cheap and move on up from there. I’d definitely love to take on freelance clients in the future and get some real experience.

Jumped in at the deep end and tried some Cantonese calligraphy. My sister bought me a set for my birthday and I’ve only had a couple of goes at it so I thought it was worth a go.

I had a dream about being in a hotel in Hong Kong. Cantonese is most people’s first language, then English.

Fifty People, One Question. They were all asked the same question; “by the end of today, what would you wish to happen?” A rather simple question perhaps but just the range of expressions on peoples faces suggests otherwise. Some seem intrigued whereas some remain posed. Some happy and some without hope. It’s weird how much you can read just by watching someone’s face.

Packaging fronts and App intro for Dreamographic, based on blueprints and illusions.

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Not posted for a while so I thought I post a few of the parts to the customisable story I’m working on for my NMP  called ‘Dreamographic.’ These images will be both an app and sets of stickers and fridge magnets and will be joined together with key words suchs as ‘and’ and ‘with’ and various customisable verbs such as ‘punched’ etc. The idea is you can make your own dream-like story using the components provided.

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Time for an update!

After last weeks seminar it became apparent that I needed to take the next step with my dream project. I needed to find a way to utilise the posters I have been making and I think the best way to go is interactivity. I have also been trying to make folding stories that can change depending on how they are arranged. So, combing these ideas to I want to create a magnet set, that can be fully interchangeable and above all fun to mess around with.

I want to create 18+ parts to the story, along with ways of connecting them together (and, whilst, with etc). The users can then rearrange them into any order they see fit, sort of like when a dream just randomly decides to take some weird turn. Finally I will brand my set and design some nice packaging.

…I better stop talking about it a get moving!

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Some more dream type.

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